Social therapy

The focus of the social therapy is to promote in clients the highest achievable level of independence in a variety of activities that help to create, foster, and reaffirm common hygienic habits and social behaviours.

The clients’ participation in specific activities for social therapy is based on their individual needs and treatment plan. All activities are founded on the principles of maintaining human dignity and autonomy of the participants. Clients are treated with respect and an acknowledgement of their creative potential, personal needs and desires. The thoughts, ideas and constructive feedback of the clients are encouraged in order to help develop their confidence and self-awareness.

Ergo therapy is a type of physically active therapy with a focus on the improvement of the overall function of the body, improving the clients’ physical independence in everyday activities and hobbies.

Ergoterapia - vysadba stomčeka Ergoterapia - Klient vezie lístie na fúriku

Music therapy is a form of rehabilitation using melodious aspects such as rhythm and harmony to sooth the physical and mental wellbeing of a patient. Music therapy has been proven to reduce spikes in clients’ behaviour, improve their ability to concentrate and make decisions, develop creativity, communication, awareness, memory and imagination. The program combines musical exercises with movement, singing, painting, dramatic acting, listening to musicals, or playing of musical instruments.

Muzikoterapia - hra na bongo Zahradná terapia - natieranie zahradných doplnkov

Art therapy uses a variety of artistic tools and activities to enhance emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of an individual. It has a positive impact on emotional wellbeing, it releases stress and provides and opportunity for a meaningful artistic expression.

Arteterapia Arteterapia - maľovanie

Canine-assisted therapy uses the positive effects of an interaction between dogs and people. It improves the client’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, as well as their social skills. It further benefits a person’s fine motor skills, spatial awareness, stimulates verbal and nonverbal communication, it increases motivation for the client to participate in treatment, the setting of healthy boundaries and interaction with others.  Canine-assisted therapy is carried out under the supervision of a specialized canine therapist.

Canisterapia - klient s bielim psom Canisterapia - klient s čiernym psom Canisterapia - klient krmi bieleho psa

Drama therapy is the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Drama therapy is active and experiential through the use of dance, music, singing and role-playing. This approach can provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, achieve catharsis, deepen the sense of team work, practice empathy, improve communication and creativity.

Dramatoterapia - Divadelné predstavenie Metlobal Dramatoterapia - Klienti ako slnečnice

Bibliotherapy is a modality of creative arts therapies that uses reading materials for help in psychiatric therapy.  Its aim is to strengthen the clients’ ability to access and express their own emotions and to address life’s challenges.

Biblioterapia knižnica Biblioterapia

Recovered-memory therapy (RMT) uses one or more methods including photos, familiar objects, music, etc. for the purpose of recalling memories sometimes buried in the subconscious that might have an effect on present behaviour. RMT can especially help to recall family events associated with the feeling of comfort and security in order to support currently positive aspects of a client’s behaviour.

Garden therapy uses the positive effects of physical exertion associated with the cultivation of plants to improve the mind and spirit of clients. A passive form of this therapy involves time spent resting or walking in a park or flower garden.

Zahradná terapia - natieranie zahradných doplnkov Zahradná terapia - Kŕmitká pre vtákov