About Us

Basic information about the institution

Social welfare home for children and grown ups Jahodná, ensures a life which is in maximum extent close to the standard way of life of the commmon population, for children and grown ups with mental disability combined with other kinds of disabilities by means of its services concerning their individual needs

Target group 

  • children and grown ups with different kind of disabilities depending on the help of other person
  • the overall capacity of the institution is 74 places 

Services offered 

  • care throughout the year 
  • accommodation, catering and cleaning service 
  • nursing and social welfare 
  • services connected with washing, ironing, sewing 
  • ensuring medical care 
  • ensuring public services (barber, hairdresser, pedicure)
  • other services on request (personal interest)
  • social – legal advising in personal matters
  • services ensuring managing the financial matters and the property of the dweller
  • disburden services 

Aims of offered services 

  • develop and respect the emotional life of the home dwellers by means of events with the aim of initiating friendship – even international 
  • support and keep the relationship with the families 
  • restrict the unpurposeful care, which restrains the development of personality 
  • respect the opinion and enable the dwellers to take part in planning the activities, recreation, free time activities and their evaluation

Work therapies, where the dwellers use their skills and interests to create values 

  • artetherapy 
  • canistherapy 
  • confectioner´s workshop
  • hipotherapy 
  • ceramist workshop 
  • tailor ´s workshop 
  • music therapy
  • skill development 
  • selfservice development 
  • gardening 

Schoolgoing children are educated in the elocated class of the Special elementary school in Dunajská Streda.

Free time activities organised in the afternoon for the home dwellers 

  • playing on African drums 
  • language exercises
  • paper fantasy 
  • small stage forms
  • handicraft  
  • sports 

Principles to fulfil the main goals of the home 

  • the centre of attention is to always improve the quality of the dwellers´ lives 
  • when planning the offered services we always set out from the personal needs and interests of the individual
  • employees respect the individuality of each dweller regardless of his / her origin, nationality, race or colour of skin, mother tongue, age, health condition, sexual orientation, economical situation and religion. 
  • the essentials of provided service are common values, the goals of all employees and their team work 
  • it is important to preserve 
    • considerate, welcoming and kind attitude to the dwellers 
    • human dignity 
    • keep the ethical code of the home