Skill development

A set of specific activities provides clients with an opportunity to practice skills that help improve their independence, confidence and accuracy. The clients are able to participate in the following activities:

  • Household chores – learning how to do laundry, ironing, cooking, baking

Upratovanie Pečenie

  • Sewing decorations by hand and with a sewing machine

Ručné šitie Šitie na stroji

  • Working with clay and glaze

Modelovnaie z hliny Hlina a keramika

  • Growing a vegetable garden
  • Landscaping and caring for flowerbeds
  • Artisan crafts made of natural materials, beads, wood, paper, which are occasionally available for sale at a local market or gallery.

Klienti tvoria z novín Výroba doplnkov s gorálok Zdobenie perníkov Výstava sviečok a dekorácií