Vision and goals

The goal of the facility is to continually improve the level of service provided in a way that minimizes the stress associated with new clients’ relocation from their family home into the residential program. 

The services we offer are in line with the most effective and efficient operational practices. The previous success of our programming laid the foundation for our current vision and strategic goals.

Our vision is to provide a safe and quality living environment for our clients, with the focus on protecting them from all forms of harm, with zero tolerance for violence; prioritizing an integration of the clients into society to the full extent of their ability while improving their everyday quality of life through regular activities.

Strategic goals of the facility

  • Create a complex, flexible and modern system that delivers services reflecting individual needs and personal desires of each client
  • Support the clients’ integration into society by accommodating their needs regardless of their age, sex, socio-economic standing, ethnic or religious background, physical or mental disability.
  • Develop highly specialized methodology of service delivery based on the employees’ commitment to ongoing professional growth, strong work ethic and constructive self-evaluation.
  • Increase the quality of services using available resources and to employ transformational aspects of the Guide for Standard of Care.
  • Modernize the facility and to reduce its ecological footprint

Strategic measures

  • Uphold basic human rights and freedoms; to prioritize clients’ needs when determining their care plan
  • Create conditions favourable for the client’s participation in community life
  • Incorporate qualitative measures into the delivery of client care
  • Establish a methodology of specialized care processes and a plan for their implementation
  • Observe new industry findings and trends
  • Provide an environment conducive to the employees’ professional growth and ongoing education
  • Develop and implement a specialized educational program for employees
  • Build interdisciplinary teams
  • Employ an incentive program to stimulate the employees’ engagement
  • Plan and execute renovations to the exterior and interior of the facility 
  • Ensure modernization of the equipment in the rooms

Quality Management

We are committed to the implementation of qualitative measures of excellence to ensure an ongoing improvement and expansion of special care services.  We transform expectations of quality care into standardized processes. We encourage feedback from our clients, their family, friends, and the community. We continue to improve our systems thanks to an extensive assessment and modification processes.

Quality management is focused on fostering collaboration between all parties to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.